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Falling for Summer by Derek Reynolds

We fell hard...  Real hard.  Fall has officially arrived on our doorstep.  The smell of a pumpkin spice latte and an early morning fire are permeating neighborhoods; from Belle Meade to East Nasty down 65 to Williamson County and all the way north to Clarksville. 

We wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of our FAVORITE looks from this summer and celebrate our beautiful guests.  We fell hard for them too.

Dana has the coolest artwork too - click her picture above to see her full website.

Dana has the coolest artwork too - click her picture above to see her full website.

Dana Olson is cool.  Just plain cool.   Her hair reflects her style: Effortless beauty with a rich base of personality.  We are so happy she's having a little one – he/she is gonna be one lucky kid!


Check out Rae's full website by clicking on her shots above...

Check out Rae's full website by clicking on her shots above...

This has been the year of Raelynn.  She’s been opening for Blake Shelton on tour – getting hitched to an incredible guy – signing with Warner Brothers.  We could not be more proud of our blonde bombshell (emphasis on BOMB)

Check out Marley's Twitter feed by clicking on her photo above...

Check out Marley's Twitter feed by clicking on her photo above...

Every once in a while you meet a girl who is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.  Marley Sherwood is that girl.  This multi-talented lady (she's a producer, she's a model, she's smart and funny) was nice enough to be the face of our brand for the "Festival Style" piece we did in Nashville Lifestyles.  Marley is a badass chick and we love her!

To celebrate festival season, our friends at Redken 5th Avenue NYC came down from New York to take over the salon for a day on Snapchat.  It was an awesome chance to show our appreciation for all the publicists and managers working in the music industry – y’all are the unsung heroes of Nashville.  It was also a great chance for us to try out some rockin' festival looks on a few of our favorite guests.  All photos taken in the salon by another one of our awesome guests (the super talented) Tausha Dickinson.

…and then there were the ‘it’ girls.  One aspect about our salon that we enjoy most is the range of looks our guests request.  From rose golds to blondes to golden brown to rich chestnuts – our service providers loved working with some great ladies (and gents) this summer to create the perfect tone for their skin and soul.

Summer weddings.  Lots of them.  From our spread in the knot magazine to working with some of Nashville’s most beautiful brides – we were thankful to be a part of so many great events.

the knot Magazine  Production Design:  Ninth and Everett    Photography:  Theo Milo

the knot Magazine  Production Design:  Ninth and Everett    Photography:  Theo Milo

Last (but certainly not least) – it was amazing to be able to style our ladies on the red (or pink) carpet.  To have great guests – who are kind and humble (even when they’re being fancy) – that’s the coolest thing about the Leigh, Edwards and Company woman.

Joey Lauren Adams is awesome...check out her show Still the King if you haven't already

Joey Lauren Adams is awesome...check out her show Still the King if you haven't already

The lovely and talented Samantha Stephens.  On the best dressed list for the CMT awards - there's big stuff happening for this singer/songwriter y'all. 

The lovely and talented Samantha Stephens.  On the best dressed list for the CMT awards - there's big stuff happening for this singer/songwriter y'all. 

The lovely (and kind hearted) Beth Brinker.  Literally lit up the carpet this Summer.

The lovely (and kind hearted) Beth Brinker.  Literally lit up the carpet this Summer.

Keeping you cool this Labor Day... by Derek Reynolds

We finally have a break from this crazy humidity - FINALLY!  For this week's Step by Step, we thought a simple up style that would take you from a poolside barbeque to an outdoor concert would be practical and fun.  LE&C Educator Lindsey Pippin takes you there in a few simple steps:

Step 1:  Next day hair?  No problem, the great thing about this style is that natural oils will give it a little more character.  First, divide hair in half, ear to ear.  If you want to smooth it out, you can use a product like Shu Uemura Wonder Worker - super versatile (and smells amazing).  Put back section into a ponytail and braid - then secure with an elastic.

Step Two:  Twist braid into a bun and pin in place with bobby pins.  Twist sections of remaining hair and cross over the braided bun. Secure with bobby pins. Repeat steps, alternating sections until all hair is secured.  If your hair needs a little grip to get it to stay in the style, try a texturizing spray.  We LOVE love love Shu Uemura Texture Wave.  Unlike other texturizers, you can build with it - and one too many sprays doesn't mean you have to get in the shower and wash it out.  It's pretty awesome.

Step Three:  Use a standard bobby pin to tuck any unruly ends, remember to use something complimentary to your hair color - or even a FASHION bobby pin like our step by step from 4th of July.  To control fly aways use a high hold spray like Redken Triple Take 32.  It delivers on high hold without flaking or getting weird and crunchy.  ....and VOILA!  Ready for the holiday weekend!

Curly Girls' Best Friend. by Derek Reynolds

Calling all our curly girls!  With the humidity in high gear this Summer, we thought it was about time we gave a little step by step love to our curly haired guests.  LE&C stylist (and certified Deva Curl Expert) Steven Lhamon had an opportunity to walk our guest Rebecca Sweet through the ins and outs of curly care earlier this week.  Special thanks to Hunter Airheart for the terrific photographs and Jared Keys for the fabulous makeup!  These few simple steps (along with the correct haircare/stylers) will have you channeling your inner DEVA.  Here's what he had to say:

Step One:    Proper care of curly hair starts as soon as you hop in the shower to shampoo.  Steven recommends using products in the Deva haircare range, as they are sulfate, silicone and paraben free - and specially formulated to keep moisture in the curl.   Thoroughly wet the hair, and apply a large egg size amount of cleanser to the scalp, and massage the scalp vigorously.  Do not scrub the length of your hair at all.  Only the scalp, and rinse thoroughly, until the water runs clear.  We recommend Deva No-Poo or Low-Poo - and for our wavey girls and guys, there's now Deva Delight products as well.  Take the same amount of conditioner, and distribute evenly throughout the lengths of the hair, avoiding the scalp.  We recommend the Deva One Condition or Deva Delight One Condition (depending on your texture)  Rinse the conditioner by making a "rake" out of your fingers, take 1 to 2 inch sections, and detangle the section from scalp to ends with your "rake".  Continue this process all over the head.  Then give your hair one good delicate squeeze all over.  

Step Two:  Apply a styling product that will help enhance your natural wave or curl.  Curl defining products come as a cream, gel or sprays - choose the one you think suits your hair type and texture.  On Rebecca, Steven used Deva Ultra Defining Gel.  To apply evenly throughout the head, bend over at the waist, so your hair dangles loose and is lifted off the scalp.  Now, DELICATELY disperse a fine layer of product over the entirety of your hair.  To apply thoroughly, go back through and squeeze small sections of hair;  squeezing hard enough to extract additional water while pushing the product into the hair.

Step Three:    Take either a microfiber towel, or a T-shirt, and squeeze and excess water from your hair, and then stand upright (this is SUPER important - make sure it's either a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt).  Your hair is now "Done".  You may either air dry the hair, or diffuse it, making sure not to disturb the curl pattern.  

Step Four:  When the hair, is completely dry, and a casing has formed around the curls, flip over again, and starting at the scalp, loosely shake out your hair, aggressively enough to break up the casing that has formed, and stand back up.   What you have now is soft, hydrated, and humidity free curls. 

Color Me Beautiful! by Derek Reynolds

It’s that time of year – Summer is drawing to a close in a month (although, with this heat – it FEELS endless!)  One of the biggest questions we are asked every year is ‘should I change my color with the seasons’  Well, here’s our answer:  YES – in fact, change your color in SPITE of seasons.  Change up your look – try something new – and here’s a few simple steps to make the change a EFFORTLESS.  Rebecca Sweet (wife of Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet) is one of our favorite people.  With her beautiful curl and positive energy, how could we not be drawn to the idea of turning her red.

Our goal?  To brighten her base while protecting her roots from warmth and keeping the ends bright.   Here's the formula (we're Redken color exclusive, so all shades are REDKEN):  10g Hi- Fusion Rc, 5g High-Fusion R, 10g Color Fusion 6R, 10g Color Fusion 5Rv, 20g Cover Fusion 7NN.  Same blend of shades mixed with 15 vol Pro-Oxide for the base and 30 vol Pro-Oxide for the mids/ends.

STEP 1:  Take a look at trends.  Haircolor (like everything in fashion) is constantly changing.  From ombre to sombre to tortoiseshell to chocolate chips (yes – that’s a REAL TREND), the Fashion Gods are kind to colorists.  Go to your favorite magazine – Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour – the list is pretty endless.  Pick something that’s aspirational – but REMEMBER, it should work with your skin tone and overall energy.  Also, the more FASHION focused the color, the higher maintenance.  PRO TIP:  Direct dyes (purples, pinks, teals) and red tones are the fastest color molecules to fall out of your hair in between reservations.  Make sure your at-home regimen is on point with products like Shu Uemura Color Lustre (sulfate free, color protectant).

STEP 2:  Prepare for some extra time at the salon.  You can’t rush good work – especially when taking the leap into a new hair color.  Schedule out at least 2 ½ or 3 hours for your reservation and be understanding if the process takes a bit longer.  Our job is to make you look your best, so if it means bringing your laptop to answer some e-mails during your process time – wear our WiFi OUT.

STEP 3:  Embrace the FULL LOOK.  By that we mean, if you’re going for a change in color, make sure your cut is suitable to your fancy new look.  Our very own Amanda Craig customized Rebecca’s curly girl locks to accentuate the deep red we created for her.  PRO TIP:  Make sure you ask questions about the ‘why’ behind how your hair is styled.  Know what products to use for styling – and if your service provider uses a special heat styling tool or brush, ask them the how and why behind styling your new look. 

PRO TIP FROM AMANDA:  “For Rebecca, we were going for BIG!   We used Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Shampoo and Masque to wash and condition her.  After I diffused, I used a 1-inch iron to define the curls. I then had her flip her pretty curls over and I sprayed them with Shu Uemura Texture Wave Dry Texturizing Spray ( It's amazing! Gives beautiful texture) and for my finishing touch used 1/2 a pump of Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil for shine.”

STEP 4:  ROCK IT!  Put on a strong lip and sexy eye to compliment your new ‘do.  Our very own Dori Pechianu amped up Rebecca’s look using: Lip:  Custom blend of Chanel shades, Foundation:  Chanel Vitalumière Aqua, Contour:  Kat Von D Contour Palette, Cheek:  Colourpop Hilighter in Lunch Money,  Eyeshadow:  Makeup Forever Artist 1 Eyeshadow Palette   STUNNING!

TREAT yourself...for 36 hours on a BUDGET by Derek Reynolds

In case you haven't heard the thunder every afternoon, it's Summer...and the perfect time to get away for a much needed night of R&R.  Whether you call your in laws and ask them to watch the kids or call your manager and ask her to watch your pooch (like we did), everyone needs a little quality time with the one you love.  As someone who literally travels for a living, I've broken down the perfect (and budget friendly) getaway into a few simple steps:

Thank you @samcstephens for taking care of our most precious possession.  Mid lick with #worldofbanjo

Step One:  JUST DO IT!  As the perennial favorite athletic company says, bite the bullet and pick the weekend.  If you're more of a spontaneous person (like me), decide on Friday for a Saturday morning departure.  Pick someplace far enough away that it takes a little bit of effort getting there (no more than a four hour drive).  Beautiful geography and some of America's most desirable vacation spots in close proximity makes Nashville the perfect home base from which to hop.


STEP TWO:  Log on to your favorite deals website to get the best bargain on a hotel for the night...and TREAT yourself.  Obviously, everyone's budget is different, but if you end up staying in a place that's not as nice as your house, it's not really a vacation.  Priceline is my application of choice with the following PRO TIP:  Bidding on a hotel room can save you over 80 percent on your room night.  Unfortunately, it can also land you in a Red Roof Inn that hasn't been updated since 1975 next to the busiest interchange in town (was that a car that just backfired???).  I recommend stalking the Express Deals (these are unnamed properties at different star levels in corresponding areas of the town you want who are running promotions) and use that as your guideline for bidding.  Target your bid price to around $15 less than these express deals are priced for the Star Level you're looking for.  We bid on 5 star properties in Buckhead and secured a night at the InterContinental for $125.  Including taxes and fees.  Careful in this process, you can only bid once in 24 hours using the exact same criteria.  Start too low in this process with your perfect criteria and you'll have to change it up in order to bid again quickly.

Step Three:  Request an upgrade.  On site, most hotels are looking to fill rooms, and if they can fill their best rooms and potentially secure a lifetime guest, they'll do it. If you have a winning smile and a fabulous front desk manager, they will typically give you the best upgrade at the lowest price.  PROTIP:  I will always start the conversation by saying " Do you have any upgrades available for tonight and what would be the cost?"  In our case, we received a large corner King Club Level Room on the 22nd Floor with complimentary open bar and a delicious breakfast along with about 8 other perks to make our stay more luxurious for our 36 hours away... and all for less than what the basic room would have cost before we bid on it.  Take THAT retail pricing.

Some photos from our room and our FAVORITE place in the hotel...the HAM BAR.  

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Don't travel with an agenda.  Don't over plan your time away or you'll come back more exhausted than when you left. PROTIP:  Ask the valet guy or the front desk for the best local spots.  No offense to the concierge, but I typically find the people who have the most contact with guests are also the ones with the most authentic knowledge of what's going on in a City. Pack up and enjoy!!

There are much less enjoyable places than writing your blog POOLSIDE.  Add umbrella drink and STIR.

Let's get FESTIVE for the FOURTH! by Derek Reynolds

Its 4th of July, and you know what that means.  Backyard Grill Outs, Fun in the Sun and the occasional canoe trip (with a cooler in tow).  We think it's a great opportunity to get creative with your hairstyle - and show some American PRIDE.  Here are a couple of styles to keep you comfortable and looking great this holiday.

STYLE 1:  The Faux Braid

What you'll need:  Comb and Clear Elastics

STEP ONE:  Back comb the crown of your head to create a little extra fullness if you have finer texture to your hair (don't get crazy with this, at some point you do want to shampoo it out).  If you already have thicker texture to your hair, you can skip this step.  PRO TIP:  When back combing, take small sections and start about two inches from the scalp. Make sure the teeth of the comb are all the way through the hair and comb all the way down to the scalp. This creates fullness at the root while leaving the rest smooth.

STEP TWO:  Take one section from each side closest to the face and connect with a clear elastic in the center back of the head.

STEP THREE:  Once secured, flip the ends back towards the head and down.  PRO TIP:  To create a fuller/messier look, gently pull on small pieces of the twist on either side of the elastic.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 all the way down, securing with an elastic each time to create the idea of a fishtail braid, but with additional security to keep you looking FLY while you paddle down that river.

LOOK TWO:  Let that American Pride show....and keep your bangs off your forehead and face.

What you'll need: Bobby pins and nail polish

We know that saying Bobby pins and nail polish in the same sentence sounds scary, but stay with us... We spend sooo much time in the mirror trying to hide our Bobby pins, but what if we told you you could use them as an accessory??

STEP ONE:  Fold up a piece of paper, slide on desired amount of Bobby pins. Paint the FLAT side of the Bobby pins to customize your look!

STEP TWO:  Once your Bobby pins have dried, slide them into the hair to create and shape you desire!  PRO TIP: When working around the face, make sure the side of the Bobby pin with the ridges is closest to the head. Use the foot of the Bobby pin to grab hair along the way to keep your hair out of your face! It is easiest to push the Bobby pin upward and away from the face rather than the direction the hair grows.

RED CARPET 30 minutes or less by Derek Reynolds

LE&C service provider Steven Lhamon shows in a few easy steps how to take your hair from normal to SUBLIME.  Our brand ambassador Marley Sherwood was the perfect canvas for this quick style!

Step 1:    Section the hair off into 8 sections .  Using medium to large hot rollers, roll each section in hot rollers TOWARDS the face. 

Step 2: Once this is done, let them cool down for 20 minutes.  This is when you get dressed, and do your makeup.

Step 3: Once 20 minutes has passed, take out the rollers, and run your fingers through the curls to break them up.

Step 4:  Once this is done take a flat brush and brush the hair in large sections from scalp to ends towards the face.  Once the hair forms large "s" curved shapes, hairspray the hair in place (we love Shu Uemura Sheer Laquer for this style) , and you're ready to go!

All about Brows by Derek Reynolds

We're all about 'em.  We know you are too.  Gone are the days of the unibrow or no brows at all.  Stylist and makeup artist Dori Pechianu shows you in quick easy steps how to keep yo' brows in check.

Step 1: Observe your bare brows. Notice any sparseness and patchiness that needs a little help or any shape that needs correcting. Keep in mind that the saying "eyebrows are sisters, not twins" is so true! We aren't striving for perfection, we are striving for the best version of your brows. PRO TIP: The biggest question I get is where your arch should be--- The highest point of your arch should be if you drew a diagonal line from the outside of your nostril to the outside of your pupil. Boom. You've found your arch!

Step 2: Pick your poison...some of you will like the look of a powder, and some of you will like the look of a powder. In my opinion, a powder formula gives the most natural look and is the most user friendly. I am using a powder from our friend Brett Freedman and a small angled brush. Draw a soft line from the widest part of your brow all the way up to the high point of your arch.

Step 3: Simple. Do the same action as Step 2, just matching it on the top of your brow. Think of this as "outlining". This is also where you can fake more of an arch...just a little though, let's not get crazy.

Step 4: Fill in the tail of your brow. Connect a line from the arch to the end of your brow, keep the line soft and tapering it off.

Step 5: Fill in the middle section of your brow. Be mindful of feathering it towards that wider part of your brow to maintain a natural look. PRO TIP: If any plucking needs to happen, do it after you have filled in your brows. This guarantees that you will always have the shape you desire. Voila! Pictured below is one perfected brow, and one bare brow. See how much of a difference just a few quick lines makes? 

Step 6: SELFIE! #selfiesunday

Ready to get Knotty? by Derek Reynolds

It's Sunday - which means another step by step style from the folks at LE&C.  Check out Lindsey Pippin's easy technique for keeping your hair up and off your face and neck on these hot summer days.

@lindzesue shows off her knotiness

@lindzesue shows off her knotiness

What You'll Need:  bobby pins, elastics, texture spray (we like Shu Uemura Texture Wave a lot!)

1. Starting from your desired part, take a section of hair at your hairline and divide into two sections.

2. Tie two sections into a basic knot.

3. Add hair to each section, as if you were french braiding and tie another knot. Continue adding and knotting hair until you reach your the top of your hair then secure ends of hair by using an elastic and creating a mess bun. Repeat process on other side.

4. Gently pull on buns to create more texture and secure in place with bobby pins.

5. Final touches, pump up the volume with texture spray for all day body!

Get the beach look...without the actual beach! by Derek Reynolds

Sometimes the best a Staycation.  That's why we've broken down this look for you in two easy steps.  It's the perfect way for you to create gorgeous beachy waves in the comfort of your very own bathroom.  Our own Irene and Dusty Marsh show you how:

Step 1:  Start with Redken's Iron Shape 11 to protect your hair from the heat, then layer in some Texture Wave by Shu Uemura to give your hair the perfect 'grab' and texture. PRO TIP: Make sure you use your blow dryer to break up the product before starting your curls. Section your hair in 3-4 sections depending on the density of your hair. Make sure you secure each curl with a pin curl clip (we love the DevaClips!)

Step 2:  Once you have all your curls set, spray with your favorite hairspray. Our favorites are Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer or Redken Fashion Work 12! Go ahead and get ready for the day while your curls set. Take out your clips and flip your head over to break up the curls. Then go ahead and touch up some small pieces to make it a little more textured.

Voila!  Our finished beachy look - and the products we used.  ENJOY!

INSTAgratification by Derek Reynolds

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New Year's Eve Beauty Inspiration by Derek Reynolds

Ladies, 2016 is upon us and we have to start it off right! I am a firm believer in the power of all things hair and makeup...sometimes a new lipstick or haircut can change your life. While that may sound a bit dramatic, focusing on who you truly aim to be and dressing accordingly can do wonders for making positive changes in your life. Call it ASPIRATIONAL FASHION!  You feel better about yourself, you carry yourself confidently, people receive you in a new way. That being said, let's ring in the New Year feeling gorgeous, helllooo! I know you all have New Year's Eve parties to go to...I am here to bring you beauty inspiration images, tips, and some of my favorite products.

Have fun! Mix it up! You do you!



Don't underestimate the ponytail! I feel that it is often forgotten as an event look, but hey...Beyonce is doing it (so it obviously works). If you want to try this look, I recommend first prepping your damp hair with Redken Glow Dry Oil before your blow dry. This stuff will give you the serious shine you need for this look while protecting your hair from heat! Rock a middle part or a deep side part, and brush your hair into a low ponytail, securing it with an elastic. If you need something to help you slick your hair back, a little bit of Shu Uemura Touch of Gloss will do the trick. Once you have formed your pony, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic. Latch a bobby pin to the end of your section, point the bobby pin towards the ceiling while looping it in the elastic, and then turn it into the base of the pony to really secure it. It's the best way to keep your pony safe all night long. Go on, head-bang to your heart's content.


Everyone always wants to make it all about the eyes...let's make it about the lips! It's almost 2016, why not! Listen, you don't need a smokey eye to be sexy. The key elements to this look: brow gel, a great mascara, fresh skin, and (of course) lipstick. My personal favorite brow gel is the good ol' Great Lash Clear Mascara. It will absolutely make your brows look more polished than they did before. Curl your lashes, and layer on 3 coats of your favorite mascara (I use Le Volume De Chanel). Dab a little bit of an illuminator on your cheekbones, the center of your forehead, your nose, and your chin. Blend with your fingers. You are already looking super chic...let's finish it off with the perfect lipstick. You really can't go wrong with red. My go-to red shades are Ruby Woo and Cruella. These formulas were built to last through many glasses of champagne.



How amazing does Michelle Williams' hair look in this Louis Vuitton ad? Obsessed. This tousled look for short hair can easily be translated to longer locks as well--- all you need is the right product! Spray Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric into your damp hair before you blow dry to create the ultimate base for texture. Once dry, twirl small sections of your hair and use a flat iron to press down the section to form the slightest rock n roll bend in your hair. Let it cool, sprinkle in Redken Powder Grip 03 at your roots, and blast your ends with Shu Texture Wave (an LE&C favorite). Mess it up with your hands. Perfect!


I am predicting that the smokey eye will be out in 2016 (I know, I know - I may be struck down by the Fashion Gods on this one). Effortless, easy, softer looks have been happening all over the runway. Instead of doing it smokey, do it smudged! I love this look because it doesn't say "I'm trying too hard", but is really gorgeous on the skin. You will need: Q-tips, a fabulous eyeliner, a lighter shade of cream or powder eyeshadow, and a lip stain or lip balm. Line your eyes with your eyeliner of choice. Blue eyes, try brown instead of black. Brown eyed beauties, try a deep purple. Green/hazel, try charcoal or gray! After you have applied your eyeliner, smudge it around a little with a Q-tip or your finger. Take a small makeup brush and dust the eyeshadow that is a similar color to your eyeliner right over it. This will really give it that "smudged-on-purpose" look. You can carry this over your whole lid or make it look more just like thick, smudged eyeliner. Then draw a final line on your top lash line just to define it a little more and bring the look together. Next step: layer that mascara on, girl! Finish off your look with a light lip stain or enjoy your natural lip color and polish it off with some lip balm.



Like I mentioned before, I am seeing more relaxed looks on the runways. Along with this new wave of glam effortlessness, inspiration from the 60's and 70's is totally coming back! They always say fashion repeats itself. If you enjoy sporting a middle part, consider trying this haircut if you are craving a new look! There is something so posh and sexy about the long cheek bone grazing bangs. Love it. As for this style... if you are not the blow out queen, have no fear. These products and tips are here to save you. Put a nickel size of Color Lustre Thermo-Milk from mid-strand to ends of your damp hair and comb through. Blow dry until 50% dry and then apply Fiber Lift only to your roots (both are from - you guessed it, Shu Uemura). Use a paddle brush and blow dry upwards for maximum lift. You can even blow dry upside down if that is easier! Round brush your ends to get them smooth and then section out just your crown. Round brush those top sections like usual, but roll up your brush to your root and let it sit and cool every time. When you let those sections heat up and cool down to the shape of the brush, you get the ultimate Bardot volume! Backcomb if necessary. You will need Triple Take 32 to hold your is truly a must-have hairspray when you are going out.


I am here to tell you that you can do blue eyeliner even if you think you cannot do blue eyeliner! Blue eyeliner is another trend prediction according to my research. If you are feeling adventurous, totally try it. Here's my thought: not down with electric blue? Try a navy. For this look, you can go as bold as drawing on a thick cat eye or you can add just a thin line of blue. Keep your skin fresh and clean (stay away from too much blush), and add a great "barely there" lipstick to bring this look together.

Content by Leigh, Edwards & Company Hairstylist/Makeup Artist, Dori Pechianu