New Year's Eve Beauty Inspiration / by Derek Reynolds

Ladies, 2016 is upon us and we have to start it off right! I am a firm believer in the power of all things hair and makeup...sometimes a new lipstick or haircut can change your life. While that may sound a bit dramatic, focusing on who you truly aim to be and dressing accordingly can do wonders for making positive changes in your life. Call it ASPIRATIONAL FASHION!  You feel better about yourself, you carry yourself confidently, people receive you in a new way. That being said, let's ring in the New Year feeling gorgeous, helllooo! I know you all have New Year's Eve parties to go to...I am here to bring you beauty inspiration images, tips, and some of my favorite products.

Have fun! Mix it up! You do you!



Don't underestimate the ponytail! I feel that it is often forgotten as an event look, but hey...Beyonce is doing it (so it obviously works). If you want to try this look, I recommend first prepping your damp hair with Redken Glow Dry Oil before your blow dry. This stuff will give you the serious shine you need for this look while protecting your hair from heat! Rock a middle part or a deep side part, and brush your hair into a low ponytail, securing it with an elastic. If you need something to help you slick your hair back, a little bit of Shu Uemura Touch of Gloss will do the trick. Once you have formed your pony, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic. Latch a bobby pin to the end of your section, point the bobby pin towards the ceiling while looping it in the elastic, and then turn it into the base of the pony to really secure it. It's the best way to keep your pony safe all night long. Go on, head-bang to your heart's content.


Everyone always wants to make it all about the eyes...let's make it about the lips! It's almost 2016, why not! Listen, you don't need a smokey eye to be sexy. The key elements to this look: brow gel, a great mascara, fresh skin, and (of course) lipstick. My personal favorite brow gel is the good ol' Great Lash Clear Mascara. It will absolutely make your brows look more polished than they did before. Curl your lashes, and layer on 3 coats of your favorite mascara (I use Le Volume De Chanel). Dab a little bit of an illuminator on your cheekbones, the center of your forehead, your nose, and your chin. Blend with your fingers. You are already looking super chic...let's finish it off with the perfect lipstick. You really can't go wrong with red. My go-to red shades are Ruby Woo and Cruella. These formulas were built to last through many glasses of champagne.



How amazing does Michelle Williams' hair look in this Louis Vuitton ad? Obsessed. This tousled look for short hair can easily be translated to longer locks as well--- all you need is the right product! Spray Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric into your damp hair before you blow dry to create the ultimate base for texture. Once dry, twirl small sections of your hair and use a flat iron to press down the section to form the slightest rock n roll bend in your hair. Let it cool, sprinkle in Redken Powder Grip 03 at your roots, and blast your ends with Shu Texture Wave (an LE&C favorite). Mess it up with your hands. Perfect!


I am predicting that the smokey eye will be out in 2016 (I know, I know - I may be struck down by the Fashion Gods on this one). Effortless, easy, softer looks have been happening all over the runway. Instead of doing it smokey, do it smudged! I love this look because it doesn't say "I'm trying too hard", but is really gorgeous on the skin. You will need: Q-tips, a fabulous eyeliner, a lighter shade of cream or powder eyeshadow, and a lip stain or lip balm. Line your eyes with your eyeliner of choice. Blue eyes, try brown instead of black. Brown eyed beauties, try a deep purple. Green/hazel, try charcoal or gray! After you have applied your eyeliner, smudge it around a little with a Q-tip or your finger. Take a small makeup brush and dust the eyeshadow that is a similar color to your eyeliner right over it. This will really give it that "smudged-on-purpose" look. You can carry this over your whole lid or make it look more just like thick, smudged eyeliner. Then draw a final line on your top lash line just to define it a little more and bring the look together. Next step: layer that mascara on, girl! Finish off your look with a light lip stain or enjoy your natural lip color and polish it off with some lip balm.



Like I mentioned before, I am seeing more relaxed looks on the runways. Along with this new wave of glam effortlessness, inspiration from the 60's and 70's is totally coming back! They always say fashion repeats itself. If you enjoy sporting a middle part, consider trying this haircut if you are craving a new look! There is something so posh and sexy about the long cheek bone grazing bangs. Love it. As for this style... if you are not the blow out queen, have no fear. These products and tips are here to save you. Put a nickel size of Color Lustre Thermo-Milk from mid-strand to ends of your damp hair and comb through. Blow dry until 50% dry and then apply Fiber Lift only to your roots (both are from - you guessed it, Shu Uemura). Use a paddle brush and blow dry upwards for maximum lift. You can even blow dry upside down if that is easier! Round brush your ends to get them smooth and then section out just your crown. Round brush those top sections like usual, but roll up your brush to your root and let it sit and cool every time. When you let those sections heat up and cool down to the shape of the brush, you get the ultimate Bardot volume! Backcomb if necessary. You will need Triple Take 32 to hold your is truly a must-have hairspray when you are going out.


I am here to tell you that you can do blue eyeliner even if you think you cannot do blue eyeliner! Blue eyeliner is another trend prediction according to my research. If you are feeling adventurous, totally try it. Here's my thought: not down with electric blue? Try a navy. For this look, you can go as bold as drawing on a thick cat eye or you can add just a thin line of blue. Keep your skin fresh and clean (stay away from too much blush), and add a great "barely there" lipstick to bring this look together.

Content by Leigh, Edwards & Company Hairstylist/Makeup Artist, Dori Pechianu