Ready to get Knotty? / by Derek Reynolds

It's Sunday - which means another step by step style from the folks at LE&C.  Check out Lindsey Pippin's easy technique for keeping your hair up and off your face and neck on these hot summer days.

@lindzesue shows off her knotiness

@lindzesue shows off her knotiness

What You'll Need:  bobby pins, elastics, texture spray (we like Shu Uemura Texture Wave a lot!)

1. Starting from your desired part, take a section of hair at your hairline and divide into two sections.

2. Tie two sections into a basic knot.

3. Add hair to each section, as if you were french braiding and tie another knot. Continue adding and knotting hair until you reach your the top of your hair then secure ends of hair by using an elastic and creating a mess bun. Repeat process on other side.

4. Gently pull on buns to create more texture and secure in place with bobby pins.

5. Final touches, pump up the volume with texture spray for all day body!