All about Brows / by Derek Reynolds

We're all about 'em.  We know you are too.  Gone are the days of the unibrow or no brows at all.  Stylist and makeup artist Dori Pechianu shows you in quick easy steps how to keep yo' brows in check.

Step 1: Observe your bare brows. Notice any sparseness and patchiness that needs a little help or any shape that needs correcting. Keep in mind that the saying "eyebrows are sisters, not twins" is so true! We aren't striving for perfection, we are striving for the best version of your brows. PRO TIP: The biggest question I get is where your arch should be--- The highest point of your arch should be if you drew a diagonal line from the outside of your nostril to the outside of your pupil. Boom. You've found your arch!

Step 2: Pick your poison...some of you will like the look of a powder, and some of you will like the look of a powder. In my opinion, a powder formula gives the most natural look and is the most user friendly. I am using a powder from our friend Brett Freedman and a small angled brush. Draw a soft line from the widest part of your brow all the way up to the high point of your arch.

Step 3: Simple. Do the same action as Step 2, just matching it on the top of your brow. Think of this as "outlining". This is also where you can fake more of an arch...just a little though, let's not get crazy.

Step 4: Fill in the tail of your brow. Connect a line from the arch to the end of your brow, keep the line soft and tapering it off.

Step 5: Fill in the middle section of your brow. Be mindful of feathering it towards that wider part of your brow to maintain a natural look. PRO TIP: If any plucking needs to happen, do it after you have filled in your brows. This guarantees that you will always have the shape you desire. Voila! Pictured below is one perfected brow, and one bare brow. See how much of a difference just a few quick lines makes? 

Step 6: SELFIE! #selfiesunday