Get the beach look...without the actual beach! / by Derek Reynolds

Sometimes the best a Staycation.  That's why we've broken down this look for you in two easy steps.  It's the perfect way for you to create gorgeous beachy waves in the comfort of your very own bathroom.  Our own Irene and Dusty Marsh show you how:

Step 1:  Start with Redken's Iron Shape 11 to protect your hair from the heat, then layer in some Texture Wave by Shu Uemura to give your hair the perfect 'grab' and texture. PRO TIP: Make sure you use your blow dryer to break up the product before starting your curls. Section your hair in 3-4 sections depending on the density of your hair. Make sure you secure each curl with a pin curl clip (we love the DevaClips!)

Step 2:  Once you have all your curls set, spray with your favorite hairspray. Our favorites are Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer or Redken Fashion Work 12! Go ahead and get ready for the day while your curls set. Take out your clips and flip your head over to break up the curls. Then go ahead and touch up some small pieces to make it a little more textured.

Voila!  Our finished beachy look - and the products we used.  ENJOY!