Let's get FESTIVE for the FOURTH! / by Derek Reynolds

Its 4th of July, and you know what that means.  Backyard Grill Outs, Fun in the Sun and the occasional canoe trip (with a cooler in tow).  We think it's a great opportunity to get creative with your hairstyle - and show some American PRIDE.  Here are a couple of styles to keep you comfortable and looking great this holiday.

STYLE 1:  The Faux Braid

What you'll need:  Comb and Clear Elastics

STEP ONE:  Back comb the crown of your head to create a little extra fullness if you have finer texture to your hair (don't get crazy with this, at some point you do want to shampoo it out).  If you already have thicker texture to your hair, you can skip this step.  PRO TIP:  When back combing, take small sections and start about two inches from the scalp. Make sure the teeth of the comb are all the way through the hair and comb all the way down to the scalp. This creates fullness at the root while leaving the rest smooth.

STEP TWO:  Take one section from each side closest to the face and connect with a clear elastic in the center back of the head.

STEP THREE:  Once secured, flip the ends back towards the head and down.  PRO TIP:  To create a fuller/messier look, gently pull on small pieces of the twist on either side of the elastic.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 all the way down, securing with an elastic each time to create the idea of a fishtail braid, but with additional security to keep you looking FLY while you paddle down that river.

LOOK TWO:  Let that American Pride show....and keep your bangs off your forehead and face.

What you'll need: Bobby pins and nail polish

We know that saying Bobby pins and nail polish in the same sentence sounds scary, but stay with us... We spend sooo much time in the mirror trying to hide our Bobby pins, but what if we told you you could use them as an accessory??

STEP ONE:  Fold up a piece of paper, slide on desired amount of Bobby pins. Paint the FLAT side of the Bobby pins to customize your look!

STEP TWO:  Once your Bobby pins have dried, slide them into the hair to create and shape you desire!  PRO TIP: When working around the face, make sure the side of the Bobby pin with the ridges is closest to the head. Use the foot of the Bobby pin to grab hair along the way to keep your hair out of your face! It is easiest to push the Bobby pin upward and away from the face rather than the direction the hair grows.