Curly Girls' Best Friend. / by Derek Reynolds

Calling all our curly girls!  With the humidity in high gear this Summer, we thought it was about time we gave a little step by step love to our curly haired guests.  LE&C stylist (and certified Deva Curl Expert) Steven Lhamon had an opportunity to walk our guest Rebecca Sweet through the ins and outs of curly care earlier this week.  Special thanks to Hunter Airheart for the terrific photographs and Jared Keys for the fabulous makeup!  These few simple steps (along with the correct haircare/stylers) will have you channeling your inner DEVA.  Here's what he had to say:

Step One:    Proper care of curly hair starts as soon as you hop in the shower to shampoo.  Steven recommends using products in the Deva haircare range, as they are sulfate, silicone and paraben free - and specially formulated to keep moisture in the curl.   Thoroughly wet the hair, and apply a large egg size amount of cleanser to the scalp, and massage the scalp vigorously.  Do not scrub the length of your hair at all.  Only the scalp, and rinse thoroughly, until the water runs clear.  We recommend Deva No-Poo or Low-Poo - and for our wavey girls and guys, there's now Deva Delight products as well.  Take the same amount of conditioner, and distribute evenly throughout the lengths of the hair, avoiding the scalp.  We recommend the Deva One Condition or Deva Delight One Condition (depending on your texture)  Rinse the conditioner by making a "rake" out of your fingers, take 1 to 2 inch sections, and detangle the section from scalp to ends with your "rake".  Continue this process all over the head.  Then give your hair one good delicate squeeze all over.  

Step Two:  Apply a styling product that will help enhance your natural wave or curl.  Curl defining products come as a cream, gel or sprays - choose the one you think suits your hair type and texture.  On Rebecca, Steven used Deva Ultra Defining Gel.  To apply evenly throughout the head, bend over at the waist, so your hair dangles loose and is lifted off the scalp.  Now, DELICATELY disperse a fine layer of product over the entirety of your hair.  To apply thoroughly, go back through and squeeze small sections of hair;  squeezing hard enough to extract additional water while pushing the product into the hair.

Step Three:    Take either a microfiber towel, or a T-shirt, and squeeze and excess water from your hair, and then stand upright (this is SUPER important - make sure it's either a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt).  Your hair is now "Done".  You may either air dry the hair, or diffuse it, making sure not to disturb the curl pattern.  

Step Four:  When the hair, is completely dry, and a casing has formed around the curls, flip over again, and starting at the scalp, loosely shake out your hair, aggressively enough to break up the casing that has formed, and stand back up.   What you have now is soft, hydrated, and humidity free curls.