You've Got a Question? We've Got an Answer. / by Derek Reynolds

Some of your most common hair care questions are being answered in our Hair Care Questionnaire Series!  We would love to hear from you!  What are your most pressing hair care questions that you need the answers to?  Today, we are talking gray coverage, color fade, flat roots and more!

Do I really need to use permanent hair color to cover my gray?

While permanent color is the only guaranteed product to fully cover our sparkle strands, you can achieve great coverage and blending with a demi-permanent color.  This will give you more of a highlighted look and will fade out in 3 - 6 weeks.  Ask your service provider if this is the right choice for your ultimate hair goal!

Why do I have so much hair falling out in the shower?

No need to worry!  We lose anywhere from 40 - 150 strands per day!  This means that if you go a few days between washing, you may notice far more!  Stress and certain medications can also be a cause of hair loss.  If your hair loss seems abnormal, please consult your physician.

My hair is always flat at the top, what am I doing wrong?

Great hair starts with an amazing cut that is perfect for your texture!  Next, make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.  If you are using something moisturizing, flatness may be due to the fact that your conditioner is too heavy for your texture.  Be sure to give your scalp a good scrub and apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and work your way up.  Lastly, as with shampoo and conditioner, make sure your products are working for you.  Flat roots need a boost with a volumizing product!  Ask your stylist at your next visit what works best for your locks!

How do I get rid of my split ends?

The only true way to get rid of split ends is to get them trimmed, or cut off.  However, you can take precautions to make them less likely or seal them up temporarily!  Watch the amount of heat that you are using on your hair when using hot tools and blowdryers.  The high heat is rarely needed, and can cause damage.  Consider the tools you're using to style as well...make sure you are using a wide tooth comb on wet hair, rather than a brush, to reduce the risk of split strands.

Why are my curls so frizzy and dry?

Curly and wavy hair love moisture!  They require more conditioning than straighter and finer textures.  Be sure you are adding enough conditioner to your locks each day, and you can also actually leave some in to tame down the frizz. Apply enough product and comb through to evenly distribute.  After finding your placement, let your locks dry naturally or diffuse them.  Touching your hair or “scrunching” it during the drying process can cause hair to become frizzy.  Ask your stylist for the correct hair products and styling techniques upon your next visit!  To make it easier on you - we carry the entire Deva Curl line of products.

My color always seems to fade quickly, what can I do to maintain my color?

Some colors and tones do fade faster than others.  Fashion colors, and red tones will fade more quickly than a brunette or blonde due to the size of the color molecule.  For prevention of this, after a hair color service be sure to wait a day before washing.  Next, make sure that you are using color safe hair care products.  High heat can cause a faster fade also, try washing with lukewarm to cool water for longer lasting color.  Stop in for a color gloss or refreshing glaze between appointments!  ALSO - Creative color fades so quickly because much of it is a direct dye placed over decolorized hair strands.  Scientifically it slips out faster - which (no doubt) you will notice in your shower and (sometimes) on your pillow case.  Take special care in requesting these services that you have your service provider custom blend a conditioner for you to take with you to help with fading.

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