New York was definitely a series of surprising events. From joggers dancing in front of The Plaza Hotel to meeting huge hair inspirations. The LE&C team was truly impressed with the city that never sleeps. Here are some of my “I can’t believe I experienced this..” moments.

Rodney Cutler and Charlie Price work backstage to create an elegant braided bun for Taoray Wang.  The inspiration was masculine/feminine beauty.

Rodney Cutler leading Taoray Wang show

This was a huge highlight from my trip. I mean, how many people can say they learned how to do an amazing braided bun from Rodney Cutler?   Check out the full show video here:  

Rachel Antonoff Presentation

The Rachel Antonoff Presentation was such a beautiful sight. From the fairytale environment at The Plaza Hotel Palm Court, to the beautiful braids. I was in awe from my experience.  It was a Wes Anderson inspired Troop Beverly Hills meets Dirty Dancing summer camp. Definitely gave some huge inspiration to recreate the look for our guests at LE&C.

Here's a link to the slideshow for the lookbook, styled by Linh Nguyen for Cutler/Redken:

FTL Moda show

Held at Vanderbilt Hall (part of Grand Central Station), we loved everything about this show! Featuring several different designer collections, the FTL group sent accessories and inspired pieces down the runway on models like Adriana Lima (of Victoria's Secret fame).  More important was it's partnership with Global Disability Inclusion, which helps employers build and sustain workplace programs for people with disabilities.  The groups partnered for the second season to increase awareness for people living with disabilities, and the show which included a wide range of diverse models with disabilities. but it was about something bigger. It was inspirational to consider the question of 'what is traditional beauty.' 

Daniela Schult for Cutler/Redken leading a team of over 30 hairdressers at FTL Moda.