Perfecting Your Pony / by Derek Reynolds

Classic style, with a tousled twist. 

We love a perfectly imperfect pony!  It is a look that can be worn everyday or it can be glammed up for a night out! Lindsey shows us how to get one of our favorite looks!

Pro Tip:  For best results, make sure your hair is slightly dirty.  Fresh washed locks tend to not hold texture and volume as well as a day or two old strands.

For this look, Kayla started the foundation with SHU Wonder Worker upon first day blow out.  She then curled with a 3/4 inch barrel iron to give her hair some beautiful waves.

Start with a volumizing spray and spray throughout your roots - we love Cutler Volume!


Be a tease!  Teasing gives texture and hold for your style to stay in place.  Gently, backcomb the crown of your head to give your pony a lift!


Find the perfect placement.  High or low, loose or slicked back? Lindsey chose a lower textured pony for Kayla.


Secure style with a bungee hair tie.  Wrap a few pieces around tie or bungee and secure with a bobby pin.


For a softer look, leave a few face framing pieces out and use a 3/4 iron or wand to give them a little wave.


Spray with SHU Shear Lacquer for a long lasting style!


Final Fluff! For fly-away hairs at the nape of the neck Lindsey used SHU Shape Paste to tame and blend into the style.


YES!  Love it!


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